Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use my hammock without purchasing tree straps?

Yes, but there are great reasons why you should buy them anyway.  For one, hanging without straps sometimes involves ropes, which when wrapped around trees, can seriously damage the bark and kill the tree.  You don't want to do that.  Having straps also greatly increases the flexibility you have for distance between your two anchor points.  

How do I clean my hammock?

If you just have a little bit of dirt and grime,  spray it off with a hose in the back yard and just let it drip dry.  If you are dead-set on "clean," you should remove the carabiners and wash on the gentlest cycle you have, with just a little detergent.  Then, you can hang it out to let it air dry.  

What happens if the hammock develops a small hole?

During the course of use, hammocks are sometimes damaged by sharp objects in your pocket, embers from a fire, etc.  In the event that your hammock develops a hole of less than .5in diameter, you can use any sail repair kits designed for nylon.  Also on the market are various tapes designed expressly for this purpose.  Please get in contact with us, if you have any questions regarding repair and we would be glad to help!

What is my hammock made of?

We are really glad you asked!  Please click here for way too much information on how we chose the nylon for our hammocks.  

Why should we buy from you when there are more well-known brands out there?  

Great question.  We are a relatively small company of very passionate people, and, as such, are very easy to communicate with about any questions and concerns.  Also, being a small company, we don't have quite as much overhead and are able to offer better prices than our more well-known competitors.  We would even go so far as to say that your questions can be answered face to face, over a pint, by the owners of the company!  That level of customer service is worth something (We can talk about who covers the bar tab later).